If you're an experienced traveler, you know it's a good idea to exchange your money for foreign currency ahead of time. That's where we can help. Save valuable time and money by visiting a branch to exchange your U.S. money before you leave on your trip to a foreign country. 


When ordering foreign currency, please allow sufficient time to visit a branch to allow for standard overnight delivery of the currency to the requested branch. Standard Delivery for orders placed by 3 PM on any business day will be received in two business days, by noon of the second day at the requested branch office. Priority Overnight Delivery is available for $15 when an order is placed by 3 PM on a business day and will be available the next business day after 12 PM at the requested branch office. Also, the sale and purchase of foreign currencies are only available to Valley National Bank customers and cannot exceed $5,000 USD in available funds, including fees.


The currencies available include:

  • Euros

  • English Pounds

  • Canadian Dollars

  • Russian Rubles

  • Chinese Yuans

  • Plus 78 others