VNB® Money Market Savings

Start saving today with a great rate of 1.25% APY while having access to your funds when you need them most.

• Minimum initial deposit of $10,000
• Interest rate of 1.25% APY
• Unlimited deposits

VNB® IRA 18 Month Variable

Earn more for your retirement with 1.89% APY. If rates go up, so do your returns. Available in NJ & NY only.

• Open an account with just $250
• Your rate is adjusted on the first of each month
• Rollovers from maturing IRA accounts are permitted

VNB® All Access Savings

Start saving today for tomorrows goals with this simple, secure and convenient savings account.

• Start with a deposit of just $100
• Enjoy no monthly service fees
• Interest is compounded daily and credited quarterly

VNB® Tiered Money Market Savings

Our Tiered Money Market Savings Account is built to maximize your earning potential while giving you the ability to write checks.

• Low initial deposit
• Free debit card
• Unlimited deposits

VNB® My Health Savings

The perfect account for those enrolled in a high deductible health plan to save for large healthcare costs while still having easy access to your money.

• Year-to-year accrued deposits
• HSA Debit Card available
• Tax advantages

VNB Kids First Savings Club

Building the foundation for your child’s financial future and show your child the value of saving.

VNB® Holiday Savings Club

Be prepared for that extra holiday spending by saving a little bit throughout the year.

Traditional IRA

Lets your money grow tax deferred, meaning you won’t pay taxes until you start withdrawing.

Roth IRA

Choose a tax efficient way to save for retirement. All the money you saved goes into your pocket.


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