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Please note that the interest rate and fees shown here are available to borrowers with an excellent credit history. The actual interest rate and fees available to you will be based on your credit history and may be different than the rates displayed here.

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Rate The interest rate shown is the actual interest rate that will be used to calculate your monthly payment.  Please note that the interest rate cannot be guaranteed until you complete our on-line loan application and your loan is approved.  If the loan type is an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), the interest rate is subject to increase over the life of the loan.

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APR To make it easier for consumers to compare mortgage loan interest rates, the federal government developed a standard format called an "Annual Percentage Rate" or APR to provide an effective interest rate for comparison shopping purposes.  Some of the costs that you pay at closing are factored into the APR for ease of comparison.  Your actual monthly payments are based on the interest rate, not the APR.
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Points Points are a charge by a lender in order to provide a lower interest rate.  Each point is 1% of the loan amount.  For comparison purposes, we have included the cost of the points in the closing fees column.  Please note, that until you lock in an interest rate, points are subject to change.

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Principal & Interest The payment amount shown is the total principal and interest payment required to repay the loan plus any mortgage insurance premium if applicable.  If an escrow(impound) account is established for the payment of real estate taxes, the actual monthly payment required will include the monthly escrow amount.

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Closing Fees Closing Fees is an estimate of the costs that are required to obtain a mortgage.  We've spent a lot of time researching all areas of the country to make sure that our fee estimates are as accurate as possible.  There won't be any surprises at closing!

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At a {{prd.rate | number:3}}% initial interest rate, the APR for this loan type is {{prd.apr | number:3}}%, subject to increase. Based on current market conditions, the payment schedule would be:
  • {{sch.Count}} payment{{sch.Count>1 ? 's' : ''}} of {{sch.Amount | currency:currencySymbol}} at an interest rate of {{sch.Rate | number:3}}%
This payment schedule is based on a {{ LoanAmount | currency:currencySymbol }} loan on a {{PurchasePrice | currency:currencySymbol}} property in {{County.Selected.label}} County, {{States.Selected.label}}.
The payment amount quoted contains the amount required to pay back your loan, also known as "principal and interest" as well as the mortgage insurance premium.
Generally, mortgage insurance is required if you are making a downpayment of less than 20% of the home's value or purchase price.
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  • Mortgage Insurance Premium: {{ prd.mortgageInsurancePayment | currency:currencySymbol }}
  • Total {{ | currency:currencySymbol }}
If an escrow account is required or requested, the actual payment will also include amounts for real estate taxes and homeowner's insurance premiums.

  • The interest rates, annual percentage rates (APRs), points and rebates shown are subject to change without notice.
  • The monthly payment amount shown includes principal, interest, and mortgage insurance, if required. Your actual monthly payment will be higher as an escrow account is established or required.
  • Your APR will vary based on your final loan amount and finance charges.