Our $1,899 Purchase Option makes homeownership affordable
with no points, no title fees and no other Valley fees!

$400 OFF Coupon

$400 OFF Coupon

Mortgage Closing Cost Comparison

$1,899 Purchase
Origination Charge $1,899 $ 695
Appraisal Fees Included $ 350
Title Fees (Lender & Homeowner title policy) Included $ 2,029
Mortgage Recording Fees Included $ 250
Credit Report Fees Included $ 10
Flood Certification Fees Included $ 12
Tax Service Fees Included $ 66
Points 0-1 Zero $ 0-3000
Total $1,899 $3,412 - $6,412

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*Estimated fees are based on a home purchase amount of $400,000 and a mortgage amount of $300,000.

The $1,899 Purchase Option is a discounted package of settlement services offered to approved applicants as part of the Valley Purchase Program for the payment of mortgage origination, mortgage settlement, title search and title insurance costs. A Traditional Closing Cost Option is also available. The $1,899 Purchase Option is available for single family, owner-occupied properties and Valley-approved condominium projects only in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. Minimum loan amount of $100,000 and maximum loan amount of $749,950. Coops and investment properties are not eligible for this program. Other programs are available for other loan amounts and properties. An example for the $1,899 Purchase Option that illustrates typical terms for a $300,000, 30 year fixed rate loan with a 25% down payment, has an APR of 4.412% and monthly P&I of $1,475.82. APR is accurate as of 12/10/2013 and is subject to change. The APRs for loans that exceed the conforming loan limit of $417,000 may be higher. The estimated monthly payment does not include taxes and insurance premiums, and the actual monthly payment will be greater. Applicant will be responsible at closing for payment of interim interest and for funding an escrow account for real estate taxes and insurances. Applicant will also be responsible for payment of all settlement items between applicant, as buyer, and seller for the purchase of applicant’s home, and for applicant’s attorney fees. Cannot be combined with other offers. Subject to credit approval and title qualifications. Additional terms and conditions apply.