Residential Mortgages

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The Mortgage Loan Process

1) Choose From One of our Many Loan Types and Rates

Take your time to review our various loan types and rates. Consider how long you plan to keep the loan. Familiarize yourself with the relationship between rates and points and the differences.

2) Prepare your Documents

To complete our Online Application you will have to provide certain personal and financial information. Providing detailed information now will help us to expedite the loan process for you. Review our Applicant's Checklist for more detail.

3) Submit your Mortgage Refinance request by:

  • Completing an Online Application
  • Contact us to request a call from a mortgage representative and complete the application interview over the phone
  • Call us toll free at 1-800-522-4100 to speak with a mortgage representative
  • Visit one of our convenient branches

4) Loan Processing

Once Valley obtains your completed application and all appropriate fees we will:

  • Begin the approval process
  • Mail you a complete set of mortgage disclosure documents for you to review, sign and return
  • Order an appraisal of the property
  • Verify your credit file, employment history and financial information

5) Loan Approval

Once all the required information is received, your application will be submitted to an underwriter who will approve, deny or suspend the application. In the event your application is declined, you will receive our decision in writing with the specific reason(s) for the decision.

6) Closing

Congratulations! Your loan has been approved. You are almost finished with the process. Your final task is to attend the closing and sign all required documents. Your settlement agent will coordinate your closing.

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