$899 Refinance

A refinance program that offers you the flexibility of cash back or paying off your existing home equity loan in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.


Appraisal fees Settlement fees
Title fees Underwriting fees
Commitment fees Credit report fees
Processing fees Flood certification fees
Recording fees Tax service fees
Survey fees  
$400 OFF Coupon

$400 OFF Coupon
Interest RateAnnual Percentage RatePointsMonthly P&I Payment Per $1000
NJ/PA $899 Refi 10 Year Fixed*3.500%3.689% APR0 Points$9.89
NJ/PA $899 Refi 10 Year Fixed - Jumbo*3.625%3.663% APR0 Points$9.95
NJ/PA $899 Refi 15 Year Fixed*3.625%3.757% APR0 Points$7.21
NJ/PA $899 Refi 15 Year Fixed - Jumbo*3.750%3.812% APR0 Points$7.27
NJ/PA $899 Refi 20 Year Fixed*4.500%4.606% APR0 Points$6.33
NJ/PA $899 Refi 20 Year Fixed - Jumbo*4.625%4.646% APR0 Points$6.39
NJ/PA $899 Refi 30 Year Fixed*4.625%4.703% APR0 Points$5.14
NJ/PA $899 Refi 30 Year Fixed - Jumbo*4.750%4.766% APR0 Points$5.22

For more information, please visit your nearest Branch office or call our local 24/7 Customer Service Center at 800-522-4100, option 3.

*Rates are as of publication date (4/24/2014) and may be changed thereafter, without notice, until account is opened.

*The sample loan terms shown above assume a loan amount of $100,000 for conforming loans ($100,000 - $417,000) and $500,000 for non-conforming, jumbo loans ($417,001 - $1,000,000). Maximum cash back is $50,000. The estimated monthly payments do not include taxes and insurance premiums, and the actual monthly payments will be greater. Program is available in NJ & eastern PA for single family, owner-occupied properties and condominiums only with a minimum loan amount of $100,000 and a maximum of $1,000,000. Co-ops and investment properties are not eligible for this program. Other programs are available for other loan amounts and properties. Approved applicants will be responsible at closing for funding interim interest and an escrow account for property taxes and insurances. If applicable, approved applicants will also be responsible for any prepayment and lien subordination fees charged by existing lenders.Cannot be combined with other offers. Subject to credit approval. Additional terms and conditions apply.