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Estate Planning is a key to accomplish your objectives in your Will. Our estate planning professionals can assist you in designing an Estate Plan that will carry out your wishes and minimize your inheritance taxes.

Your will is a blueprint that spells out how your property is to be distributed upon your death, and who is to supervise this process. It is a legal document that protects your property as well as your family's security. You should review your will periodically, especially if your family or financial situation has changed significantly. Our Estate Planning professionals can work with you and your attorney and recommend ways to assure that your will complies with your wishes. If you have assets of $500,000 or more, we can assist you in designing an Estate Plan that will carry out your wishes and minimize estate and inheritance taxes.

As Executor, we administer the estate, carrying out the provisions of your will. We have extensive experience in probating wills, locating and protecting assets, paying claims, preparing and filing tax returns, paying taxes, and distributing assets according to the terms of a will. We understand that this is a trying period and are sensitive to the family's needs. At these times, family members can rely on us for guidance and support when planning and sound advice is needed.

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