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A 401k plan can provide major benefits for your company and employees if it is designed and serviced properly. Our team of experts can provide comprehensive investment advisory services, including mutual fund selection and analysis, employee investment education, retirement planning and asset allocation strategies. We can help you increase the value of your 401k plan while reducing plan expenses for your employees and your company.

Why are 401k plans so Important?

The combination of increasing cost of living and the weakened condition of Social Security has put pressure on employees to assume greater responsibility for their own financial future.

Providing a 401k plan for your employees gives them the tools to help plan for their retirement years.

Establishing a 401(k) plan can help your company and your employees with their retirement security.

For employers, the benefits include:

  • Reduced taxes; operating expenses of your 401k are tax deductible, including employee salary deferrals and matching contributions
  • Improved employee morale and job satisfaction
  • Enhanced employee benefits package

For employees, the benefits include:

  • Lower income taxes, through pre-tax contributions
  • Investment growth is compounded and employees pay no taxes on growth until retirement or distributions are taken
  • Employees have a retirement plan

We make it easy for you every step of the way.

  • Helping you design the right plan for your company and employees
  • Ongoing advice and monitoring of your plan's mutual fund choices including U.S. and international equity and fixed income
  • Conducting educational investment meetings with your employees on a regular basis
  • Helping employees create a savings plan for retirement
  • Assisting employees in selecting the right investment strategy
  • Helping you control your fiduciary responsibility
  • Assisting you in selecting a custodian and record keeper for your 401k plan

A 401k plan makes good business sense.

Employers receive special tax treatment from the government for providing a 401k plan for their employees. A 401k plan is a cost-effective solution for your company. Don't let compliance, administrative or financial concerns hold you back from introducing a retirement plan for your employees.

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