Treasury Solutions

Efficient Treasury Solutions services can help you manage cash flow, maximize investment income, deter fraud and simplify everyday tasks. Our dedicated professionals can work with you to develop a plan for your unique business model.


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Payment Processing Services
Whether you are a large retailer or small business, we want to help grow your business with efficient and cost effective payment processing solutions. Our preferred payment processor, Global Payments, Inc. offers flexible end-to-end payment services, streamlined with everything from completing the sales transaction to merchant support and information reporting. Run your business more profitably by using the latest technology and expertise to help reduce your operating costs.

NEW Mobile Credit and Debit Card Payment Processing powered by ValleyPay
ValleyPay is a remote payment processing application that is available for merchants who want to perform fast and easy sales transactions. Using your mobile phone or tablet you can accept credit cards, anytime, anywhere. ValleyPay is a secure and efficient solution that accepts all major credit and debit cards no matter where your business takes you. Click here to download the ValleyPay User Guide.

Card Processing Services
Credit, debit, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), gift, loyalty and purchasing cards are available to meet the needs of every business.

Credit Card Processing
You will have access to a full line of credit card services, including:

  • Authorization
  • Electronic Draft Capture
  • Reporting
  • Support for all major card brands - Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express® in the United States and numerous private label cards

Debit Card Processing
This program offers reduced operating costs, improved customer satisfaction and:

  • Increased Security
  • Lower Chargeback Ratio
  • Faster Checkout
  • Ability to Offer Cash Back

B2B Solutions
Replace inefficient and expensive paper ordering processes with a purchasing card system that supports American Express, Visa and MasterCard business-to-business services.

Check Services: A comprehensive range of check payment solutions to meet your needs for enhanced profitability and improved customer satisfaction.

Customizable check processing solutions include:

ACH Check
Converts paper checks to electronic transactions at the point of sale, eliminating the administrative hassle of paper checks.

Check Guarantee Service
Provides peace of mind with guaranteed payment and reduced risk, allowing checks to be accepted with confidence.

Check Verification Service
A national database with features such as negative and positive check files, bank-provided account closed files and velocity control tracking.

Check Recovery Services
Professional skip tracing and recovery of receivables.

eHold Check
For large ticket purchases, it allows customers to write "hold" checks for up to 30 days but allows you to receive your funds right away.

For a free comparative pricing analysis and customized payment solutions from Valley National Bank's preferred payment processor, Global Payments, Inc., call 1-800-522-4100 or go to