Treasury Solutions

Efficient Treasury Solutions services can help you manage cash flow, maximize investment income, deter fraud and simplify everyday tasks. Our dedicated professionals can work with you to develop a plan for your unique business model.

Valley Lockbox Services maximize the speed with which your receivables are converted into working cash by directing your remittances to a unique post office box. Your mail is collected daily and all checks are processed for same-day deposit, thereby reducing mail and collection float time, lowering your in-house clerical costs and accelerating your funds availability.

  • Reduces Mail, Processing and Collection Time.
  • Improves cash flow.
  • Streamlines the receivable process and record- keeping by eliminating internal deposit processing.
  • Enables you to maintain back-up records of all checks and a complete audit trail.

To learn more about Lockbox services, contact your Valley representative, stop in one of our conveniently located branches, call 1-800-522-4100 or request information.