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We value your business and want to do all we can to protect your account. In an effort to protect yourself online, we recommend our customers:

  • Install firewall protection to guard against intrusions
  • Do not open suspicious email attachments
  • Avoid unfamiliar file sharing sites
  • Update latest version of antivirus software on a regular basis
  • Back up important files on other storage media
  • Review accounts daily by utilizing your online banking system
  • Review internet security on a regular basis
  • Prohibit sharing of user IDs or Passwords
  • Use Passwords that are not easily identifiable
  • Change Passwords regularly
  • Disable user IDs and Passwords when an employee goes on leave or vacation
  • Never use the "save ID and Password" option on websites
  • Do not enable your operating system to pre?fill your user ID or password
  • Always log?off,do not reply on automated time?outs
  • Use a separate restricted machine to conduct your online transactions. This machine should not have access to email or websites on the internet besides the banking websites that you need.
  • Remember it is very difficult to differentiate between a legitimate email with a link and a fraudulent one. Do not click on any links unless absolutely necessary.
  • Try to validate the source of an email before you click on a link by telephone.

If you believe you have been victimized by identity theft, we can help. Stop by any Valley National Bank office, contact us online or call our toll free Customer Service Department at 1-800-522-4100.

Also, cyber-liability insurance is available from Masters Coverage Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Valley National Bank. You can request a free, no obligation quote today by calling Masters toll-free at 1-800-777-6100 or you can fill out the online referral form and one of Masters' insurance specialists will contact you.