Valley National Bank

It’s not just savings –
it’s peace of mind

Gain interest and security
with a 15 Month CD

Take your mind off your savings and focus it on what really
matters to you. That’s the main benefit of a Valley 15 Month CD. You can lock in
your interest rate and feel at ease knowing your savings is secure and growing.

Open a 15 Month CD today for:
    How else you benefit from a Valley CD…
  • Your interest rate is guaranteed for the entire term of the CD
  • All you need to open an account is a low minimum balance of $500
  • Your savings are FDIC insured up to $250,000
Plus, you can boost your interest rate another .10%, if you maintain other Valley accounts.*

Opening an account is easy
Simply stop by a branch or call us at 800-522-4100 to get started.
Other great CD rates available.

Available in New Jersey, New York and Palm Beach County, Florida.